About American Pride Products

American Pride Products is a veteran-owned company dedicated to helping your business succeed.

We remember our first days with Just Holster It and what it was like to start out, worrying about costs while trying to bring your ideas to life. This is why we built American Pride, our parent company, with the goal to inspire others to innovate, manufacture and buy iconic American-made products while saving others thousands of dollars in production costs. 

Product molding is cost prohibitive, especially when you have to purchase the mold outright. That sort of financial commitment is often out of reach for companies just starting out. That’s why American Pride Products works with our clients to develop the molds to produce their parts. We absorb the costs associated with the production of the mold, and integrate into the product cost. Then, later on, you can purchase the mold once you’ve established a revenue stream from your product.

American Pride Products is committed to the success of its clients. We are especially invested in helping companies that have used crowdfunding to source revenue to develop prototypes because we believe in American innovation and hard work. That’s part of the reason why we make an effort to hire veterans for our manufacturing team—because we believe in having American Pride.

As a small business, we understand the challenges that other small businesses face. Especially now, it’s critical that American small businesses succeed. At American Pride, we can only be successful if our clients are successful, which is why we are dedicated to helping small businesses and other entrepreneurs turn their ideas into commercial successes.

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